Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the 4th Wall

My finger sometimes slips when I'm shooting, and if I'm not paying attention my shutter speed will change above the sync rate ... in every single situation it's just a pain in the ass and always looks horrendous, but it was really bright in the studio today, and I dunno ... I kinda like it.

I might play around with this, see what happens. It probably won't go anywhere.




  1. the last one.. coming out of the darkness.. beautiful

  2. Anonymous24/9/09 09:03

    dwayne, ...mackenzie, whatever. these are beautiful, you've grown so much if i am allowed to say so, the light, the crispness, the touches of art, it's very modern but very refined.

    I hope your career and everything turns out well.

    Thanks for allowing me to leave this comment.


    for what it's worth, i like the above shots too.

  3. i've toyed around with the same concept...

    to no avail.


  4. i wish i'm as slender as he is.
    Very good work ! Keep this raw light alive, it's really beautiful